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Please take your to time to read our tips provided by our contributors, our tips are all about teaching you and helping you save money on small and simple home repairs

image 5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Space read more... -
If you’re going to remodel your home, it’s important that you communicate clearly with your general contract your wants, needs, and concerns. At Vazana Construction, Inc., in South Bay,

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image Bathroom Renovations: When It’s Time to Remodel read more... -
At Vazana Construction, Inc., in South Bay, we notice that many times homeowners will make renovating their bathroom a low priority. Even though the bathroom is used on a regular and daily basis, and is seen and accessed by just about anyone who enters your home.

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image Kitchen Remodeling: General Contractor Offers 5 Key Elements to Consider read more... -
As a general contractor in the South Bay area, we are involved at any given time in a number of kitchen remodeling projects. There are a few pitfalls that homeowners face when it comes to remodeling their kitchen.

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image Bathroom Remodeling: What to Consider read more... -
Ask your friends or neighbors if they remodel their bathroom, if yes do they recommend the remodeler?.

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image Where to Splurge, Where to Save... read more... -
Always ask your kitchen remodeler to show you alternative option consider placeholders instant of installing a granite countertop,

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image Go Big Spend Less with Your New Kitchen read more... -
Using fresh paint, change your lights use your imaginations by using colorful paint... read more

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