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5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Space

5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Space

If you’re going to remodel your home, it’s important that you communicate clearly with your general contract your wants, needs, and concerns. At Vazana Construction, Inc., in South Bay, we find that one of the things that homeowners really want is to make more efficient use of the space that they have. We also find that they are often stymied when they try to find solutions for their space-related concerns. Here are five tips for making the best use of your space; utilize them when renovating your home.

Think Out of the Box

Too often we think of our homes as being static structures. If you’re going to remodel your house, this is the time to imagine how flexible it can be. Examine every room and each part of your home, addressing how the space is being used. Might it be utilized differently? Are you wasting space by using it inefficiently or do you have space that has not been developed and is sitting dormant?


Come up with some grand ideas. Even if you cannot afford them, those ideas may get you to some simple solutions. Then be sure to discuss your ideas with your general contractor. Your contractor may have various solutions for many of the challenges that you have identified. They will also be able to help identify areas in which you may be able to improve the manner in which you’re presently utilizing space.


Adding a Window or Two

Installing a large window or sliding doors where there is presently a wall will do two things. It will expose your vision to the outdoors, giving a sense of more room, and it will let in a lot more sunlight and moonlight, brightening the area and making it feel warmer and more expansive.


Another way to create more feeling of space is to open your home up to the sky. Installing skylights in a room or throughout your home can give you a great view of the heavens day and night, and it can also let in more light.


Redefining a Nook

In remodeling your home, a knowledgeable general contractor will be able to help you find a space where you never imagined one could be. Sometimes it’s a matter of redefining a space by creating a cozy smaller space within a larger one. You may have an area that would make a nice dining nook or a spot that is perfect for you to sit and relax and read. There are various simple ways to delineate such a space, which may include building a short interior wall, opening up an exterior wall by installing a window, and/or changing the floor height. All or any of these may be used to outline a special area that you’ve always wanted to have or have just discovered would be a nice addition.


Opening up a Room

For those homeowners who feel claustrophobic, opening up a room by removing interior walls or reconfiguring stair units, can make a big difference. Demolishing a non-weight bearing wall or a doorway can add area and offer a lot more choices in terms of room configuration. Replacing a horizontal staircase with a spiral one can create a whole new feel, while also freeing up space.


Wall Treatments

Wall treatments have a lot to do with how a space feels. Lighter colors tend to reflect light much better, brightening a room and making it seem bigger. Installing a wall of mirrors will make a room feel expansive. If you have a large wall that is also tall and you can leave it free of TVs, gaming units, and other such objects, your room will reflect the size of that wall. Adding a simple treatment, which may be geometric shapes, images of a few flowers strewn across the wall, or three or four pieces of simple artwork ascending the wall, will create nice flow of energy while leaving a lot of white space to reinforce the open feeling. Keep wall treatments simple, tasteful, and uncluttered.


Discuss Your Ideas

If you’re considering remodeling your home, take time to research what others have done, discuss different ideas with your loved ones, and talk to your general contractor. Often a group effort can result in great new ideas that you would have never thought of on your own. Try to look at your home in a new light, seeing things that could be and imagining renovations that would transform it into a new, wonderful place. Home remodeling is not just about installing new appliances, floor coverings, and fixtures. It’s about redefining the space in which you live.


If you are considering home remodeling and live in the South Bay area, contact Vazana Construction, Inc., today by calling 310-863-5422. As a longtime general contractor, we have the knowledge, skill, and experience to help you reimagine your home in a way that will help you make the most of your space. 


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